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History of quarrying in Hong Kong

Exportation of Hong Kong granite to the pacific rim in the 19th and 20th century


Department: Real Estate and Construction

Active Dates: 2022

Principal Investigators: Ir Dr. S.W. Poon & Dr. Katherine Y. Deng

Funding agency: The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Quarrying in Hong Kong 香港採石業

Quarries have been in existence long before the British’s arrival, mainly because quality granite was so abundant in Hong Kong. In 1844, the quarrying industry was taxed not just as a source of revenue, though minimal, but more importantly as an assertion of sovereignty. Quarries were then leased through tendering or public auction on an annual basis first on the Hong Kong Island, followed by all quarries in Kowloon Peninsula after 1860.

In 1902 the quarry leases were split further into small groups rather than geographic area, and were extended to two years or more. Initially granite blocks were used as a principal material in building and infrastructure construction. In the 20th Century the use of granite changed due to a great demand of aggregates in concrete production. Granite was not just used in Hong Kong construction, but also exported to many places of the world.





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