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Study Tour on Digital Conservation of Great Wall Cultural Heritage (Yulin, Shaanxi)


Professor Frank Xue led a study tour to the ancient Great Wall in Yulin and attended the launch ceremony of an exchange event about digital preservation of cultural heritage titled “探索長城文化 傳承民族精神” on April 28.


This event, organized by Tsinghua University brought together prestigious institutions such as the University of Hong Kong, Macau University of Science and Technology, and more to collaborate on the digital preservation of the Great Wall's cultural heritage. The programme aims to explore and protect our rich heritage through the use of advanced technology. With the support of various units, this initiative promises to make significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of our cultural legacy.


The tour consists of studies on 1 control tower, 2 military cities, 3 strongholds of the Great Wall, and 4 related museums for 5 nights and 6 days. HKU team included 5 BSc (Surveying), 1 MPhil, and 1 PhD students, all from the Department of Real Estate and Construction. HKU Year 4 student Mr Paco Yau was honoured to speak at the ceremony as the student representative and excited to learn how emerging technologies can be applied to the long-term preservation of ancient Chinese architecture. It was a unique experience for HKU students to have a mixed grouping on interdisciplinary conservation and revitalization tasks with undergraduates and postgraduates from TsinghuaU, MacaoU of Science and Technology, and Yellow River Jiaotong U.


The Ministry of Education of China and the Mainland Affairs Office of HKU also blessed and sponsored this event.




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