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Incoming seminar - Heritage villages of Western Sichuan's ethnic minorities: A digital conversation study



Discover the rich heritage of traditional Tibetan and Qiang ethnic villages in Western Sichuan, China. The centuries-old architectural marvels reflect the unique regional and cultural characteristics of these minority groups in hundreds of villages. The World Heritage International Research Center of Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) is dedicated to the research and digital preservation of these architectural gems. In this talk, we present the cutting-edge digital conservation technologies employed by SWJTU, including digital mapping, 3D modeling, virtual reality, digital imaging, and GIS. With the digital representations of these cultural treasures, we can virtually restore and share them with a wider audience, ensuring their legacy endures and sustainably develops. The primary goal is to protect and conserve this extraordinary traditional architecture and their historical surroundings within Tibetan and Qiang villages, utilizing an integrated and digital approach.

位於中國四川西部地區,保存數百座藏羌少數民族的傳統村落,是中國傳統村落分佈密度最高的區域之一,也是藏羌傳統村落形態保存最為完整的地區。 藏羌村寨及建築有其獨特的地域與文化特徵,是藏、羌少數民族長期在此生活的真實歷史見證。 西南交通大學世界遺產國際研究中心的師生們近年來在四川西部地區進行了持續的研究及數位化保育工作。 綜合應用數位測繪技術、三維建模技術、虛擬實境技術、數位影像技術、GIS技術等技術手段,將文化遺產轉換、再現、復原成可共享、可再生的數位形態。 旨在對藏羌傳統村落週邊的重要歷史建築及其環境進行整體性保護,探索數位化保護的新道路。



鈕魯詩樓 七樓 KB730

KB730, Knowles Building, HKU



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